Castner Golf FAQ

Will you change my golf swing?

No. I will enable you to understand the importance of a strong set-up route in relation to your golf swing and desired ball flight. I might make only one or two golf swing corrections, or I might make many changes – much of it depends upon your goals.

What is your basis philosophy on teaching golf?

Bill’s personal golf teaching philosophy is to take the strengths of each person’sgolf swing and mold them into a repeating and natural motion. Bill believes that there is no such thing as “The Swing”. But there is a “BEST” swing that will work for each individual. By developing the golf fundamentals, each student will find their best golf swing. This swing will produce consistent ball flight.

What age can I start my child with golf lessons?

That really depends on the child, and his/her attention span. Some children can take up the game as early as age 4 or 5, but in most cases, even the most interested child is not ready until he is at least 7 years old. Our First Tee of Plainfield program is one way to get juniors started in the game. The cost is very reasonable and the junior will learn both golf and lifetime skills. If you think you young child might be ready earlier, we can always set up an introductory 50-min golf lesson and I can give you an honest evaluation.

If my child is already in high school, is it still possible for him/her to get a golf scholarship?

Yes, but your child must be willing to make a large commitment to the game. For a D1 college program, this might mean spending as much as 3-4 hours a day – between taking golf lessons, practicing, physical training, proper nutrition. The earlier a child commits to this schedule – the better- but the child AND parents must understand what is involved. Before we begin, I sit down with the child and his/ her parents and discuss what is necessary to achieve this goal and see if everyone is prepared for the commitment. I strongly recommend that those students looking to play college golf should have a good amount of tournament experience during his/her high school (especially sophomore and junior) years, including playing on their high school team, as well as playing in the NJ Junior Tour, Hurricane Tour Scoreboard events, NJSGA tournaments.

How do you feel about club fitting? I am a huge believer in proper golf equipment — for ALL ages and ability levels. A golfer must have the right golf equipment to play properly. Golf is not a game that is best played with “hand-me-down” clubs. It is also important to understand that “proper” does not necessarily mean expensive. I discuss proper clubs with all of my students as it helps them improve their game.

Do I need to spend a fortune on golf clubs?

No. As long as you have the right golf clubs, you do not need to spend a fortune on a good driver. It just needs to be the right clubs, not the most expensive ones.  I work with a wide arrange of golf club companies and will place you into the right clubs, at a budget you are looking to spend.

How can I purchase a gift certificate for golf lessons with you?

There are two ways – either with the purchase of a “CastnerGolf Gift Certificate” from this website or call the Pro Shop at Plainfield West 9 and they can give you a certificate for lessons with me.

Do you recommend private golf lessons or group golf lessons for beginners?

This again depends on the individual. During this recent pandemic, group lessons are generally not available (I personally am not offering them), however, hopefully that will change down the road. Some people are better learners in a group situation and others prefer the one-on-one lessons. At most, the ratio of my group lessons is 4:1. Sometimes learning in a group setting is social and a way to bond with friends or co-workers. It generally comes down to schedules, costs, and learning with a family member/friend vs. alone. You need to decide what is best for you.

Do you offer playing lessons for your students?

Definitely. This is a terrific way to work with a student, especially after they have taken one or two series of lessons. From the on-course golf lesson, we can then tweak their game and see what areas we still need to concentrate on. Once you feel ready to go on the course, we can discuss this option.

Do you have any further questions that are not covered within this list? Then please feel free to contact me at 917-208-5197. I look forward to meeting you.