Junior Golf Events in New Jersey

CastnerGolf Junior Programs The New Jersey PGA hosts many junior tournaments along with other event sponsors, like US Kids Golf, The Hurricane Tour and the AJGA . There are also many junior tournaments to participate in the Metropolitan area (this includes New York and New Jersey) through the NJSGA and Metropolitan PGA. The links below will provide you with a monthly calendar of events. Again, it is important to check these sites frequently as they often are adding entry forms and other important information. Also tournament tee times and other tournament information is often listed on these sites a day or two prior to their tournaments.

All tournaments have entry deadlines several days (or even weeks) before the event. Since the pandemic started, some even sell out on the first day so be prepared to signup quickly.  It is important to register your child as early as possible for these events to avoid missing these deadlines. There will be no exceptions for missed deadlines.